09. September 2018Premiere "Die kleine Laterne"

Ghassan Kanafani´s wonderful story "the little lantern" (Die kleine Laterne) with Anna Valentina Sinkemat as the producer, has premiere today at the Hoheluftschiff. You can get tickets here.

08. September 2018Theater Night in Hamburg

This year you can see the actress playing parts of the play "Der Froschkönig" in the Hoftheater in Hamburg. The whole play can be seen in November and December. More information will follow...

Hamburger Theaternacht

18. July 2018MS Europa 2

We´re so excited that the singer and actress will produce a kids show on board of the beautiful ship MS Europa 2!

10. July 2018concert in Amman

A very special concert today in the Al-Hussein Cultural Center in Amman, Jordan! Sonja will sing there as a guest, it´s the first Arabic concert for the singer and actress, what a special event!

You can find the video here...

22. June 2018International Music Mix

Today there will be the International Music Mix #3 at the Motte in Hamburg. Shahin Shekho will be presenting his wonderful Arabic poetry and Sonja will read it in German. It will be a moving evening with great music. Don´t miss it!

International Music Mix

11. June 2018rehearsals for "the little lantern"

Today rehearsals start for the play "the little lantern" ("Die kleine Laterne"). It is Ghassan Kanafani´s beautiful story about a little princess learning how to get the sun into her castle. The arabic actress will play the main part of the princess. The play will be in German and Arabic. You can watch it at the Hoheluftschiff.

03. March 2018the Jungle in Aue

Today the Jungle Book is in Aue!


24. February 2018Hoftheater Hamburg

We´re happy to tell that Sonja will be part the Hoftheater ensemble at the end of the year. More information will follow...


20. January 2018the Jungle Book in Hamburg

Watch the arabic atress playing the Jungle Book at the First Stage Theater in Hamburg.

08. January 2018teaching in 2018

As every year the actress is happy to teach students at so many schools! Some of them are Stage Up!, OnStage KIDS, FAME Academy, Hamburger Musikum, SWT Institut and MUKifO.

01. December 2017the Jungle Book in December

You can see the actress playing the Jungle Book a few more times this year. Watch her from December 1st - December 12th in Hamburg, Sulingen and Wahlstedt.

26. October 2017Hark Olufs in Bremerhaven

From October 26th - October 28th you can see the theatre play Hark Olufs in Bremerhaven.

17. August 2017Junior Academy

For the next 10 days the singer and actress will be the musical director for 60 highly skilled students in the Junior Akademie Bad Segeberg.

26. July 2017Premiere Hark Olufs

Today is the premiere of HARK OLUFS. You can see the play until August 6th in the Bötjersche Scheune Worpswede.

17. July 2017Hark Olufs back in Worpswede

After a great season in 2016, HARK OLUFS will be back in Worpswede for another season. The arabic actress plays 17 different characters, mostly spoken in arabic. Oliver Peuker again plays the part of Hark Olufs.

Hark Olufs

16. July 2017the Jungle Book in Senftenberg

After a long break the actress will be seen in the Amphitheater Senftenberg today, playing Kaa in the Jungle Book.

27. February 2017Refinery29

You can read a great article about the German Arabic actor on Refinery29. Thanks to the amazing journalist Edith Löhle!

25. February 2017last show dates

It´s almost the end of the tour of the musical The Jungle Book. If you want to see Sonja playing Kaa, you have the cance to see her here:

25.2. Templin

26.2. Berlin

10.3. Marktoberdorf

11.3. Baiersbronn

12.3. Aalen

25.3 Bemburg

26.3. Görlitz

31. January 2017new pics

A lot of new photos have been taken in the last few months by the great photographer Bernd Hellwage. Have a look at them here.

29. December 2016The Jungle Book

Today the arabic singer and actor has premiere with the musical The Jungle Book (das Dschungelbuch) at Elbarkaden Hamburg. You cann see her singing and acting as Kaa, the snake and other parts, too.

10. August 2016Premiere HARK OLUFS

Tonight is the premiere of the international theater projekt HARK OLUFS. After 5 weeks of rehearsal with the great producer Oliver Peuker we are happy to present this amazing story. The actor will sing and speak Arabic, but also German and other languages. You can see the play in Worpswede and Bremerhaven.

09. August 2016Hark Olufs on NDR 1

Tonight you can listen to the story of the theater play HARK OLUFS on NDR 1. There will be an interview with the actress, but you can also hear her singing and talking Arabic and German. The program Kulturspiegel starts at 7 pm.

07. November 2015Main Part Hunger and Thirst

On Saturday the actor will play the main character MARIE for the first time (First Cast: Dominique Aref) in the play HUNGER AND THIRST in Theater im Zimmer. It´s also the last show of this play in this year.

29. October 2015Premiere HUNGER UND DURST

It´s premiere night of "Hunger und Durst" (Hunger and Thirst) from Eugène Ionesco with Hans-Peter Kurr as the producer. The actor is playing the parts Sister Psychologist and Daughter Martha. You can see the play in Theater im Zimmer until the 7th of November.

14. October 2015THEATER IM ZIMMER

The arabic actor is part of the play "Hunger und Durst" (Hunger and Thirst) in Theater im Zimmer in Hamburg. It´s great to be part of the cast and to work with the producer Hans-Peter Kurr!

12. October 2015TATORT

We´re happy to tell that the arabic actor will be part of a Tatort episode, producer Züli Aladag!

01. October 2015ZDF "Sibel und Max"

The arabic actor will be seen in one episode of the daily soap Sibel und Max at ZDF. Looking forward to work with the producer Andi Niessner!

28. September 2015On Stage KIDS

A new school to teach at! The actor will now also teach the students at On Stage KIDS and is so happy to work with all the young talents! There will be some great shows with the kids!

05. September 2015Romania

The next concert with NANA will be in Romania. This time Jan Van Der Toorn will join us, looking forward to this wonderful country!

16. August 2015ZDF Fernsehgarten

We had an amazing festival in Poland and so we´re looking forward to the next NANA concerts in this beautiful country, 14./15. of August! And watch us in Germany in ZDF Fernsehgarten!

15. July 2015Video Premier

Today is the video premier of Darryll Smith´s new single LOVE WILL LEAD US ON. What an honor to be part of it, watch out!

30. June 2015NDR movie production

A perfect sunny day to play a cuban girl for the NDR movie production DAS ROMEO-PRINZIP. The movie will be seen this autumn, producer Eicke Bettinga... 

26. June 2015and the beat goes on...

Another concert with Nana in Poland. A big festival with many other artists. It will be great!

08. May 2015NANA Tour

After a little break the singer will be back on stage. Again she will be on tour with Nana, this time in Kazakhstan, Romania and White Russia. So let´s sing it again: He´s coming...

01. January 2015Stagecoach

I´m happy to be teaching another year old and new students! So let´s begin!

05. December 2014DISCO DIVAS

This time it´s a special honor for the singer to join a project...She will be one of the DISCO DIVAS with Till Nau as the director! It´s a pleasure to work with him again. So there will be a big kiki in Hamburg city! Watch out, it´s gonna be amazing...

09. October 2014New photos!

New videos, new audios and so the new pics shouldn´t be missing! So you can find many beautiful new photos of the arabian artist here now. Enjoy watching them!

28. September 2014new Demos

Time is running and so 2 years went by without new singing demos. We just changed this and at Audio you can find many new live songs from this year. Enjoy listening!

13. September 2014Sherlock Holmes 2.0 in Gruenspan

It´s time again for the Hamburg Theater Night! This year the singer will be performing the new musical "Sherlock Holmes 2.0" as the character Catherine Mason. It´s a wonderful musical with great performers: John Vooijs, Stephanie Tschöppe, Folke Paulsen, Timmy Haberger und Jan Schwartzkopff with the amazing musical director Christian Heckelsmüller and Rudi Reschke as the director. Come to the Gruenspan to watch the show! 

06. September 2014Teaching at Stagecoach

Back in Germany Sonja is happy to teach again students at Stagecoach Hamburg. She will teach kids and teens in singing, dancing and acting.

31. August 2014Goodbye Andalusia

Time is running, it´s been 6 months now in Andalusia! It was a good time but now it´s time to come back to Germany and so the Live Entertainer sais "Goodbye Andalusia, Goodbye Aldiana and Goodbye Cabaret!".

25. May 2014CABARET

Cabaret as a new live show in Aldiana Andalusia and me as Sally Bowles. Norbert Skowronek as the director and Burkard Wehner as the musical director. Thank you for your great work, it was a pleasure to work with you.


A new live show in Aldiana Andalusia. Thank you for the support, we had a good time and a great premiere!

05. March 2014the show must go on - in Andalusia

This year the performer will not only sing on stage, but also manage the shows for the beautiful Aldiana Hotel in Andalusia. It will be a new and exciting experience and great shows, so watch out!

01. March 2014Concert in Mongolia

The next stop with Nana is Mongolia. Looking forward to it! You can find more pics, videos and much more information about the Nana tour on Sonja´s Facebook Page.

15. February 2014Concert in Albania

Another concert with Nana, this time in Albania.

12. November 2013ADR movie production

This month the arabic actor is performing for the movie "Stille Nächte" together with the amazing actress Katharina Schüttler and the producer Horst Sczerba. Some pictures to be seen here, Copyright by Marion von der Mehden.

Stille Nächte

16. September 2013Short Film

I´m proud to be part of the wonderful short film Nosce Te Ipsum, created by the amazing regisseur Christoph L. Wagener and his partner Denise Zamponi. What a professional work filled with great details.

31. July 2013concert in Romania

We had so much fun at the open air festival with Nana! You can watch it on video. Looking forward to the next one ;)

27. July 2013Nana

Looking forward to the concert with Nana in Romania!